The cocktail menu also served as a list of favorite bands at the time.
Remember when a hamburger was just $3.10?
These are troubled times we live in.
From ramp akvavits to the pickled cabbage, fresh butter, and melting porridge... this is Danish food done right.
More like TGI Tapas, amirite?
Kale! Boozy Milkshakes! Shiner Bock Mustard! And so much more...
The Woman's Press Club had a Valentine's breakfast at the Hotel Astor in 1906, here's the menu.
Washington dined alone after he was inaugurated, but here's what was served at his 1st anniversary dinner at Delmonico's... 101 years later.
Here's the menu for Park Slope's new seafood joint: the Crab Spot.
"In these 'dungeons,' etiquette was set aside. No knives or forks were allowed."
Back in 1941, one LaGuardia coffee shop was offering up a Peanut Butter & Bacon sandwich.
The Tavern on the Green is really, truly, coming back. And here is an approximation of what they'll be serving.
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