Mental health

The need for so-called Safe Options Support Teams was underscored by a tragic killing at Times Square last weekend
The 10-digit change, which took effect Sunday, affects area codes 516, 607, 716, 845 and 914 in New York state, and 908 and 856 in New Jersey.
This summer, the city launched a pilot program that enables 911 operators to dispatch teams led by social workers instead of police. But cops are still fielding 80% of the mental health calls.
Testimonies called on legislators to look into why addiction treatment centers often turn away people with mental health issues.
As the city rolls out mental health supports, educators say students are acting out more than they used to.
The mayor’s latest mental health program targets nightlife and entertainment.
Mold, bacteria, asbestos and shaky foundations are just a few of post-Ida plagues threatening New Yorkers.
The city is investing $4 million to boost enrollment in mental health clubhouses.
Experts say social anxiety is a natural reaction to spending the past year in isolation, but there are ways to combat it.
Female attorneys were seven times as likely to mention an increase in risky drinking because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Cascading collective trauma,” propelled by repeated police shootings, the 24-hour news cycle and social media, pushes against our ability to find closure and mentally heal.
NYC psychologists break down the best ways to cope in case the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions is stressing you out right now.
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