Mental health

Hospitalizations for dementia patients and mental health emergencies are rising with the frequency of heat waves.
Documents and interviews with current and former employees at Harlem’s Metropolitan Hospital show that workplace injuries have caused employees to miss thousands of work days over the past four years.
Starting Saturday, people in crisis will have a new way to reach out for help. But access to the 988 hotline’s services may be limited in some parts of the country.
Murphy will assume the chairmanship of the National Governor's Association on Friday with a call to expand services and fight stigma.
Dozens of medical professionals, social service workers and others who shared testimony during Wednesday’s hearing decried a dismal lack of resources throughout the state for those with serious mental illnesses.
The state Attorney General will conduct a hearing next week on the state's worsening mental health crisis.
A report released in the wake of the Uvalde massacre shows New York schools are not providing sufficient mental health
The program aims to change the way law enforcement statewide handles mental health crises, avoiding tense incidents that can end in police killings.
The CONNECT program seeks to expand behavioral health care beyond the clinic walls by allowing staff to engage patients outside of the facility — while still offering people a home base.
The goal of these tough conversations is not to come up with all the answers, but to encourage a sense of safety, a trauma expert says.
Mental health professionals provide insight into how medical workers have struggled — and coped — during the pandemic so far, and what types of services they might need moving forward.
Experts warn public officials not to take a heavy-handed approach in responding to all people experiencing mental-health issues, who they said are more often the targets of violence rather than the perpetrators.
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