The suspect allegedly told the victim's daughter, 'Your daddy's going to die today.'
One of the victims had said the toughs attacked over an antifascist sticker on his brother's cellphone.
The victim and ice pick-wielding suspect entered different train cars, but then the suspect entered her car, police say.
Police say he shoved her teenage son and told her, "Go back to your country!"
This happened during the morning commute on Friday.
Tears of a misunderstood clown.
The surveillance footage does not show a mask, but he does appear to be wearing a clown costume.
The rapper allegedly waved a gun at another driver.
Rondell Smith is accused of a crime spree over three days.
This happened on Sunday morning.
This happened last Friday.
A police source claims that the victim willingly performed oral sex on him but refused to have intercourse.
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