Will something bad happen? If not, maybe instead we can get one about a female musician.
This woman has no respect for the manspread.
Should we be looking for the world's tiniest violins?
Cops are searching for a man who grabbed a woman's buttocks in Manhattan about a month ago.
Dudes are so typical, amiright?
We may live in an age where softcore mommyporn paperbacks are the most popular books in America, but things were a lot different in the 1950s: women were only spanked back then when they forgot this is a man's world.
Oh, isn't that adorable: Some Lothario-on-the-go concluded his recent subway copulation by carefully tying his used prophylactic to an F train pole/hand rest.
According to a new study, women reported feeling about 20 percent more pain than men. This study, of course, does NOT mean men have superhuman abilities, nor does it mean women are frail creatures comparatively.
Looking for a sensitive man? They're all on Staten Island!
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