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All the food news you need — plus, how closed are the beaches, really?

You may not be able to take immediate advantage of Hot Vax Summer, but you will soon.

You can watch over a dozen full or partial Bruce Springsteen concerts in glorious quality from the last 40+ years on YouTube.

Memorial Day Weekend serves as the unofficial start of summer, but things were on the quieter side this weekend at Rockaway Beach, Orchard Beach and Coney Island.

"We are working and encouraging all sports teams to start their training camps as soon as possible," Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

A Manhattan man was caught on video driving into several police officers during a traffic stop that occurred over Memorial Day Weekend.

A lobster festival, a pig roast and a grilling event are a few of the other highlights.

Everyone knows that the only thing cooler than a $25K bottle of champagne is a $25K bottle of champagne chilled during a 10,000-foot free-fall and served by a skydiver.

The MTA is reportedly planning to shutdown the L Train during Memorial Day Weekend and the weekend of the Northside Festival to do track work.