Hundreds gathered at El Museo del Barrio this weekend to celebrate Maristany, a Black Puerto Rican artist and activist who died in March at age 76.
Edith Prentiss, who died in March, was known for clashing with the agency over its lack of accessible subway stations.
He struggled, and he found the beauty in the struggle.
We'd also have taken Starman Street or Ashes To Ashes Avenue.
The line to get to the memorial that has grown outside of David Bowie's apartment stretched up and down Lafayette on Monday night.
"I mean, he released an album just a few days ago; he even made his death an art," one fan said at the impromptu memorial in SoHo.
The late Yogi Berra is being honored all over the city, and especially at City Hall.
Mick Jagger sang 'Just Like A Woman.'
A small memorial to the late, beloved actor, director, writer, and comedian Harold Ramis has been placed at the 8th Hook and Ladder firehouse in TriBeCa.
Take a walk on the Upper West Side to honor Lou Reed.
City Winery is hosting an informal viewing of Havens’ ashes during "an un-ticketed gathering of friends, food, wine, and music."
Edward Tufte said, "Aaron's unique quality was that he was marvelously and vigorously different. Perhaps we can all be a little more different too."
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