The term "epic" gets thrown around a lot these days, but we're not sure how else to describe this video.
TMZ has released a bizarre video of LaBeouf in Midtown a week before his arrest trying to fight a bearded man outside a strip club.
We've broken down LaBeouf's very weird day piece by piece (in rough chronological order), in the hopes of some clarity.
Remember that time a JetBlue Pilot had a complete mental breakdown during a flight, running through the cabin yelling "It's gonna blow!" and "Iraq, Al Qaeda, terrorism, we’re all going down!"? Well, it's lawsuit time!
Captain Clayton Osbon has been charged with interfering with the flight crew
Everyone who knows the JetBlue pilot who had a meltdown aboard a flight yesterday is shocked by the incident, and they say no one could have predicted the frightening breakdown.
A passenger on today's crazy JetBlue flight tells us about the Captain's frightening meltdown.
Serena Williams had some interesting things to say about her infamous U.S. Open tirade against a line judge.
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