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“It’s not accurate for him to say that this was just something that the council was proposing and he just went along with it."

Of course, Williams is only secure in his position until an actual primary for Public Advocate in June.

The legislation is pitting the former City Council Speaker against her old colleagues.

The NYPD only gave out 4,370 criminal summonses for minor offenses from June to October this year, compared to 55,224 last year.

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito told reporters Tuesday that President Trump's visit to Puerto Rico accomplished nothing. "We're going to keep calling him out on the fact that he's being irresponsible."

Protesters called on Trump to work with Congress to pass strong immigrant protections without additional border security funding.

Police are searching for the person who destroyed a bust of Christopher Columbus was in Yonkers over the weekend.

For some, Christopher Columbus is a symbol of Italian-American pride. For others, he represents a vicious colonial era that killed and enslaved millions.

"The pictures in that design presentation look like kids starting a startup company," a correction officer union spokesman said.

The City Council tweaked FY 2018 budget provisions around immigrant defense in the eleventh hour.