Melania trump

"These students will be used by the [Trump] administration. And I think that is bad for the image of the UNIS school."
'What was her first choice? A jacket that says, ‘Womp Womp?’'
"America took a vow. Donald Trump is our president, for better or worse, for richer or even richer," she said. "And we must honor that, no matter how often America fantasizes about being with Justin Trudeau."
'I hate to see the New Yorkers with streets closed.'
A "family insider" told US Weekly that Melania Trump might decide to keep living in Trump Tower with Barron even after the current school year is over.
Fake Melania Trump defends Trump while definitely not being coached and/or held at gunpoint by an unseen man off-camera.
"I believe my husband. My husband didn't do anything."
When Melania left to change her outfit, Trump wanted to show the reporter a "tremendous" room.
Trump's campaign first admitted that the speech "in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking" but later denied plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speech.
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