Megyn kelly

"Litigations happen all the time, a lot of them are nonsense and you pay some small amount to make them go away. $32 million is a different story."
Megyn Kelly's new NBC morning show seems to be getting off to a rough start.
There's outrage that Kelly is giving Jones and his conspiracy theories a platform.
But does she still believe that Santa Claus is white?
Kelly says 21st Century Fox's review of Roger Ailes was going to be limited until she intervened.
Possible poisoning, actual Twitter harassment from Trump, and Ailes perving!
Kelly reportedly says that Ailes would discuss her bra and tried to kiss.
Starting your day with a sponge bath of Newt Gingrich's bile is never something we'd recommend, but it's perhaps worth dipping your toe in this morning just to watch Megyn Kelly hose him down.
He's rumored to be getting a $60 million payday.
Ailes was allegedly given an August 1 deadline to leave.
"I cherish women. I want to help women. I’m going to be able to do things for women that no other candidate would be able to do, and it’s very important to me."
Sad clown says mean clown things, gets kicked out of sad clown convention, has sad clown feelings hurt.
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