Thankfully, it appears no one was seriously injured.
A person Tweeted, "Now it's a HalfaBus." Not really, but LOL.
While cheap-y curbside bus companies like BoltBus and MegaBus are facing stricter safety regulations, big leaguer Greyhound is mulling over installing a curbside stop on the Lower East Side.
If you're a big fan of bolting to Boston or Baltimore for a buck, you might be seeing some transportation changes soon.
MegaBus can keep dropping off and picking up passengers outside the Port Authority. For now.
Lazerow lives in Baltimore, and her fiancee Avi Muller lives in the city, and the two have used Megabus to bridge the gap for several years.
Are the country's geese now heading to our roads to possibly
Via The Post-Standard Though Megabus drivers are not even authorized to
Police have identified all four casualties in Saturday's Megabus crash near Syracuse,
Via Four people are dead and over 20 more injured
Midtown merchants claim that bus companies that use curbside stops —
Back in 1933 Popular Science reported on New York engineer Walter H.
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