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The grounds around the Cloisters, in Fort Tryon Park, were packed with people, many in costume.

The 33rd Annual Medieval Festival attracted tens of thousands of visitors on Sunday.

There were numerous demonstrations—sword swallowing! archery! live action chess!—for revelers to enjoy while taking in the stunning views.

The free celebration of ye olde days of fair maidens, merry friars and unicorns takes place on Sunday, October 1.

The park was packed with tens of thousands of often elaborately costumed revelers and combatants.

Seriously, is it a law that you have a turkey leg at these things?

The Parks Department was expecting 65,000—but the crowd seemed much bigger than that!

You guys, they didn't eat turkey legs during the Medieval times.

Fort Tryon Park hosted its 26th Medieval Festival on Sunday, marked as

Yesterday recreationists and Medieval revelers congregated at Fort Tryon Park for the