Medical marijuana

Officials decided that the state’s medical marijuana companies are not quite ready to start selling their wares to the general public.
The board missed its initial deadline to issue such rules because former Gov. Cuomo didn’t appoint its members.
According to the lawsuit, D.J.C. had a medical marijuana card and showed it to his employers, who allegedly terminated him anyway.
According to one lobbyist, Cuomo "has two modes: 'You’re talking to me too early’ or ‘You’re talking to me too late.' It’s how he deals with legislation he doesn’t want to deal with."
As New York’s legislature struggles to reach a consensus on how to legalize recreational marijuana, some lawmakers are also seeking to expand the state’s existing medical marijuana program, which is one of the most restrictive in the country.
'Since it is expensive for the people who are using it as a medicinal agent to treat different should take it with a high fat meal or snack.'
CBD has become the ultimate nexus point between the wellness industry, the burgeoning legal marijuana industry, and the alternative medicine community. But is it really as effective as advocates say? We spoke to those in the know.
"I think every time another state legalizes it, it moves New York State closer and closer to doing the same thing."
"Why is it that we can't get edibles?"
But the feds still don't categorize weed as medicine.
But some cautioned against conflating medical and recreational reforms, arguing that access to medical marijuana should take priority.
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