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Over 100,000 people are actively missing nationwide, and last year 13,000 went missing from New York City alone.

The report says Garner died from "compression of neck (choke hold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police."

The New York City medical examiner has announced that it is unable to determine what killed Avonte Oquendo.

What appears to be a human leg partially wrapped with duct tape was found drifting down the East River in Queens.

The city's medical examiners officer has announced that the 16-year-old fatally shot by cops in Brooklyn over the weekend was hit with seven bullets, including three that struck him from the back.

No wonder so many more suicides have made the news this year.

A spokesperson said Brigham died from "blunt impact injuries of the head and neck," and that her injuries were "consistent with a fall down the stairs."

The city's Office Of Chief Medical Examiner is again under scrutiny for allegedly mishandling the organs of the dead.

The NYC ME's office used DNA to identify the 1,629th victim of the 9/11 WTC attacks. Over 1,000 other victims' remains have not been identified.

Eight years after his 16-year-old son went missing, a Brooklyn dad