The Fair Pay for Home Care Act, which would raise the minimum wage for home care workers by 150%, now has enough backers to pass the New York Assembly and the Senate. But Gov. Kathy Hochul hasn’t lent her support.
The report by the Office of the State Comptroller recommends new accountability measures for low-performing facilities.
The partial closure was supposed to take place last July at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, but was delayed due to the high demand for hospital beds after the city began its battle against COVID-19.
It is one of many victories progressives have claimed in the $212 billion budget for fiscal year 2022.
A new $3 trillion stimulus bill introduced this week by Democrats in the House of Representatives could mean that Cuomo may get his way on cutting Medicaid.
The governor’s position has perplexed some lawmakers and public health experts, who say all he would have to do is delay implementation of some of his proposed Medicaid reforms.
"Go raise taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers so people can have healthcare."
The proposed budget will increase spending on the military and border security, part of Trump's second-term priorities.
"We get it that there is a crisis here and that we have to work together to solve it. The best way to do that is to actually be on the same page.”
Health + Hospitals already faces $30 million in Medicaid cuts after a 1 percent rate cut.
Should revenue be raised elsewhere through more taxes on the rich? Will a Democratic-controlled government be forced to make cuts to cherished programs?
'People are voluntarily giving up thousands of dollars worth of food when they're desperately poor because [they think] the alternative is having a parent deported.'
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