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Garfield's co-host Brooke Gladstone will continue to host the show, according to New York Public Radio.

NYPR has lost "millions in expected sponsorship funding" due to the pandemic, expanding a deficit that existed before the coronavirus shut down New York City and killed thousands of New Yorkers.

Harvey Weinstein's lawyers have filed a court motion asking that his trial be moved out of the city, citing excessive media coverage that could interfere with his fair trial.

The T-shirt has been removed from the store. Unless this article itself is fake news and it's still on sale? YOU NEVER KNOW #PIZZAGATE.

'Today is kind of a sucky day,' the owner told the staff in a phone call.

Governor Cuomo insulted NY1 as its parent company is being pushed out of the state, but this apparently wasn't newsworthy.

45 of the laid-off employees were editorial; it's unclear whether the remainder were people fired on Monday or future layoffs, according to the Post.

Some NY Times staffers have reportedly objected to the lack of information and transparency regarding Jamieson's resignation.