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The Suffolk County house was apparently home to as many as 60 cats, 22 dog, and a number of lizards, turtles, chinchillas, rabbits, birds, ferrets, rats and hamsters.

Who does that? This isn't The Hunger Games people and you aren't Hawkeye. Put the bow and arrow down!

The Times gives some insight into Bloomberg's less-than-enthusiastic relationship with his hometown roots in Medford, MA (pronounced "Medfehd" in the local dialect).

David Laffer admitted that he killed four people in a desperate attempt to rob a Long Island pharmacy of thousands of prescription drugs.

David Laffer, who is accused of killing four people during a Father's Day massacre at a Long Island pharmacy, may plead guilty tomorrow.

The wife of the man accused of killing four people at

Yesterday, Suffolk County police arrested David Laffer, 33, for killing four workers

Surveillance image of the shooting suspect Police have raided a Long

Images of the suspect Police are reviewing surveillance video of the

Chad Johnson, of Medford, was charged with killing a North Patchogue