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"Kiddie raves." It was inevitable that we'd someday see these words, each noxious in their own ways, fused together to form the lexical manifestation of hives. There's also a video. Are you sweating yet?

Cops say a nattily-dressed fellow stole 13 bottles of high-end champagne from a Chelsea club this week, with his booty totaling about $5,000.

The now-closed bar needs homes for its many Buddhas.

A club owner in the Meatpacking District is trying to sell his closed nightclub before he succumbs to pancreatic cancer and if the local Community Board and SLA won't let him, well, he'll show them.

New York's top chefs and a few other entertainers are ringing in the New Year by out-cooking Sandy damage at a benefit next month.

If you're worried all the food's gone from the Meatpacking District, don't fret, because starting today, vendors will be flooding the 'hood at the new UrbanSpace Meatpacking market!

The last meat purveyor in the Meatpacking District outside of the city-owned cooperative market in the area is giving up the ghost and joining its peers.