IKEA will start serving the meatless balls in April.
It's the largest of their ballsy empire and also the first to serve brunch, with dishes including Balls Benedict and a meatball breakfast sandwich.
We've praised IKEA's oft-overlooked culinary delights before, but now's your chance to enjoy all the meatballs, gravlax and dollar ice cream your heart desires.
The steadily-expanding Meatball Shop empire has crossed Chelsea off its checklist, with a 60 seat location opening for dinner tonight.
Those trendy balls of meat are getting their own local food competition.
NYPD spokesman Paul Browne tells the Post that the Commissioner's balls are "outstanding. They are moist. They do melt in your mouth, not in your hands."
Everyone in this room loves you very much, and we're all here to talk to you about your budding addiction to boutique, meatball-themed restaurants, and why it has to stop.
Please don't tell Grandma how good the meatballs were, you'll only upset her.
Is it lunchtime yet? Because we'd like to go to there: the third location of the popular gourmet Meatball Shop, which descended in the West Village last week.
There's more to bargain-bin Swedish food than little red fish.
We knew that the new Meadowlands had to have a chef
Right now history is going down (one man's throat) at Fulton Ferry
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