Measles outbreak

According to Health Department officials, 42 days, or two consecutive incubation periods for the highly contagious virus have passed, allowing the city to declare itself measles-free.
NY Attorney General Letitia James was pleased with the decision, "Vaccines ensure the health and safety of our children, our families, and our communities."
A passenger had a rash that apparently worried crew members, according to Yeshiva World News.
The parents could face an $1,000 fine if the summons is upheld, or $2,000 if they don’t show up to court.
The woman was exposed to the virus via an infected passenger on her flight, and is now on a respirator in an intensive care unit.
"The purpose of this emergency order isn’t to fine people. It’s to stress the urgency and the importance of getting vaccinated."
The announcement comes as the city has ramped up its efforts to fight the measles amid a dramatic spike in number of infections in recent weeks.
Though the judge was asked to rule specifically on the county’s emergency order — a separate lawsuit regarding the school regulations is under review by federal courts — his ruling went much further.
Anyone under 18 years old who is not vaccinated for measles will be banned from public places starting at midnight.
It's not really rational.
An unvaccinated infant is the state's first case this year.
It's unclear how the infant contracted measles.
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