Officers also found a small amount of pot.
"He's constantly stalked by police who say that he 'fits the description.'"
He's getting home confinement and community service instead.
A fifth Wesleyan University student has been arrested for his role in the Molly overdoses which led to 11 students being hospitalized last month.
Another arrested student is reportedly the founder of the Wesleyan chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy.
The students' bond ranges from $75,000-$150,000.
Some of the 12 victims attended an on-campus rave on Saturday.
Two are in critical condition.
An alleged drug dealer is being charged in connection to a Molly-related death at the 2013 Electric Zoo festival.
Tickets go on sale next Tuesday.
A Parks Department spokesman told the Daily News that the festival's application is under review.
To be fair, mint-scented MDMA has really taken off recently.
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