The facility, best known as the site of Jeffrey Epstein's suicide, could shutter as early as October.
She lost four vacation days last year for failing to intervene in a different incident.
"I grabbed my flash light and moved the sheet and there's this face looking back at me."
“I got three jobs. I got two kids. I’m trying to be an upstanding member of society.”
Plaintiffs accuse the Metropolitan Detention Center of not doing enough to stop the virus from spreading, but the government claims it followed CDC guidance.
Defense attorneys, criminal justice advocates and health experts are raising the alarm about the likelihood of the outbreak hitting incarcerated populations.
Lawyers visiting clients when the fire broke out said the facility went into lockdown, and reported acrid chemical smoke coming from vents as they were escorted out of the building through a smoke-filled lobby.
Not only did the warden fail to take steps to improve conditions in the jail, according to the lawsuit, he and his team repeatedly lied about them.
A transcript published on Wednesday offers a disturbing look at life inside MDC, and suggests that mistreatment of detainees goes far beyond the recent electrical issues.
Instead of intervening to protect those incarcerated at the jail, the warden at M.D.C., Herman Quay, lied about the extent of the crisis, while downplaying long-standing issues at the facility, attorneys said.
After angry protests erupted over freezing conditions at a federal jail in Brooklyn, New York City Housing Authority residents are asking when someone will address their own lack of heat and hot water.
'There is a humanitarian crisis taking place,' according to a lawsuit filed by the Federal Defenders of New York on Monday morning over conditions at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park.
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