Not pictured: all the horrible stuff.
McDonald's is not having a great month.
Let's delve further into this terrifying Frankenmeat to discover the truth behind the oddly-compelling pale pink dish sponge meat patty.
Frozen sponge? Oddly shaped popsicle? Styrofoam packaging? Hard to tell!
Is this the thanks we get for inventing the McRib?
France's National Bread Observatory (which possesses the only radio telescope made out of crostini) estimates that 98% of French people eat bread at least once a day.
Since you're already eating plastic, why not add some fried stuff to your McRib?
The Humane Society has filed a formal complaint against McDonald's pork supplier Smithfield Foods, alleging that their animals are forced into hellish conditions. Is this really a surprise?
The terrifying ingredients found in the McRib sandwich.
The McRib is back at McDonald's, but some skeptics say it's not actually a rib at all!
Finally, the 42nd President of the United States has weighed in
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