Ayame Stamoulis and two other unidentified accomplices are suspected of murdering the man and dumping the body.
Last Friday, Columbia announced the closure of a McDonalds on Broadway along with its intentions to demolish the franchise's building and a neighboring row of warehouses on 125th Street.
The bust was called "Operation Off Menu."
The restroom was apparently in a McDonald's.
Their signature microwaved apple pie has been upgraded with a latticed crust, and they'll also serve things like chocolate and plain croissant.
Sorry McDonald's: the world ain't lovin' it.
Police say he threatened a worker.
Do you see it?
The survey also shows the rapid decline of Chipotle.
Why are you even considering a McFlurry?
Last stop: the Rockaways.
The burger chain's fourth quarter revenue was the best in four years, thanks in no small part to the rollout of all-day breakfast in October.
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