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Guess you weren't the only one with this idea.

If beaches aren't your bag, there are a number of affordable NYC pools that'll cool you down. Here are the best ones.

"The appearance and the conditions of the buildings is unacceptable," the report concludes.

According to the CDC, those occasional "brown clouds" aren't quite as occasional as we'd all like to believe.

If you were looking forward to a holiday season on bloody, bowel movement and body fluid-flecked ice, you're in for a disappointment.

The city issued a request for proposals for a snack bar and "mobile food units" at McCarren Park Pool. Presumably, these would be mobile food units that wouldn't cause any additional vomit, poop, or diarrhea.

After an unfortunate "brown cloud" of diarrhea kept McCarren Park Pool closed for over 24 hours last weekend, unwanted effluvium erupted from a different orifice today, clearing the pool again.