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We're asking for your help to identify some of the best and worst public dog runs across the five boroughs.

“New York City dogs are at high risk [for leptospirosis] because of the rat population,” one local vet told WNYC/Gothamist. “Anywhere there’s runoff, you’re at risk.”

This is one of the only gigs the newly pared-down Dirty Projectors have on the books for 2017 so far.

Police recovered the body of a woman in her 50s early this morning in Williamsburg.

The free show, part of the ongoing Northside Festival, got hundreds of people dancing to the DJ's 90-minute set of (mostly) classics.

it's just a matter of time before Bedford Avenue pulls a Pangea and breaks away from the borough like the Hipster Gods intended.

Kickball is a fundamentally frivolous sport, but it's always fascinating to watch the interplay between its wax-haired champions and anyone who dares to interfere with Game Time.

A sleepy holiday weekend led to some serious displays of public relaxation.

The group gave a blistering, nearly-90-minute set in front of thousands of fans, a big chunk of whom spent the whole show going nuts.