The facility, best known as the site of Jeffrey Epstein's suicide, could shutter as early as October.
Defense attorneys, criminal justice advocates and health experts are raising the alarm about the likelihood of the outbreak hitting incarcerated populations.
"To go five full days with zero access is just entirely unacceptable."
'They have raised the cold issue with the staff on their unit repeatedly, but with no change in condition or provision of warmer clothing.'
Susan Kellman, who has represented clients at MCC for roughly three decades, recently noted that conditions there are 'the worst that it's ever been.'
Over the spring, Gothamist was in touch with two women held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, who said they were denied basic medical care and that their cells routinely flooded with sewage.
A longtime correction officer was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly sexually abusing several female inmates at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, a notorious federal jail located just two blocks from City Hall.
'Attorney visitation has been sporadic and often shut down or canceled which means that attorneys can't meet with their clients.'
'If I described these conditions to you, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was Iran or Russia. But in fact this gulag exists right here in lower Manhattan.'
The whole Classic may be canceled, too.
The big opening Gala has moved from the New York Public Library to the Loeb Central Park Boathouse.
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