Mayors office

"Morale is bad," said one high-level staffer. "My morale is defunded."
On Wednesday, the Mayor's Office announced that they'd filed a lawsuit against Ballyhoo Media, the company behind the sixty-foot ad-barges.
For the last month, the exhibition has featured 10 solar-powered signs spread out across the five boroughs warning New Yorkers about climate change.
Weather, traffic, health-related, you name it.
His response: 'F*ck off.'
New York's temperatures are skyrocketing, sea levels are rising, and we're in for one hell of a grim ride.
“If it wasn’t for the volunteer, nothing would be getting done out here,”
"The city hasn't reached out to us at all," said Matt Calender, a Rockaway resident who helps direct a bustling relief effort from a house on Beach 96th Street.
Have you filled out your census form yet? The Mayor's office
After years of hemorrhaging film production business to cheaper locations like Canada,
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