Mayoral race

Adams’s victory in the general election was all but a certainty in the eyes of political experts.
These maps show where and how Adams won, plus how leading candidates saw their votes transfer through eight rounds of tabulation.
But that number does not tell the whole story.
The Republican nominee for mayor, who's been in the public eye for four decades, says he's "not disappearing" anytime soon.
"You might hit the jackpot and be an influential player.”
Adams has described himself as a "conservative on crime," with plans to "redefine the ecosystem of public safety." What does that mean for the NYPD?
“While women have a seat at the table we have yet to sit at the head of it, but I know that that day is coming soon," Garcia said.
"An historic, diverse, five-borough coalition led by working-class New Yorkers has led us to victory in the Democratic primary for Mayor of New York City,” Adams said in a statement.
Eric Adams maintained a narrow 2-point lead in the Democratic mayoral primary, down from his 9-point lead on Primary Night, with the top three candidates reshuffled as they were on Tuesday, but this time by much smaller margins.
The agency removed the ranked-tallies entirely from their site on Tuesday night with a note indicating that new results would be posted on Wednesday, June 30th.
We'll be updating you throughout the night with results and dispatches from the leading candidates' parties.
Check for updates all day on voting around the city on Primary Day.
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