Mayoral election

Only 23% of eligible voters cast ballots in the Nov. 2 election, the lowest recorded turnout compared to records since 1953.
The race to succeed Mayor Bill de Blasio is hitting a fever pitch as we approach the June 22nd primary.
Menchaca dropped out of the mayoral race last month.
Maya Wiley and Ray McGuire held press conferences, while Donovan, Morales and Stringer appeared at a demonstration outside of Barclays Center.
Yes, New Yorkers will be able to vote for Paperboy Prince. And he's higher up on the ballot than Andrew Yang.
The incident has drawn condemnation from several mayoral candidates, along with a group of women state lawmakers.
The plan addresses a long sought goal of teachers and education reform advocates.
We asked the remaining Democratic mayoral candidates what they think the de Blasio administration did right and wrong with Open Streets, and how they would expand upon it in their administration.
In addition to setting the tone for enforcement, the next mayor will also determine how millions of dollars of new local tax revenue from the cannabis industry will be spent.
The most left-leaning mayoral candidate is promoting a vision of affordable or social housing modeled after that of Vienna, Austria.
In a pandemic era, Clubhouse offers the possibility of kinship but with the air of exclusivity.
What eight leading contenders have officially said via their campaign websites, op-eds, press statements, and mayoral forums.
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