Mayoral campaign

The mayoral nominee says he wants to partner with the federal government to track the flow of illegal guns.
The race, which is still difficult to predict, has become increasingly nasty between Adams and Yang in the late stages.
"The stakes can't be higher," the congresswoman said. "We’ve already tried Giuliani’s New York. We’ve already tried Bloomberg’s New York."
The controversy began after Yang tweeted on Monday that he was “standing with the people of Israel.”
On Wednesday, the Working Families Party endorsed both Dianne Morales and Maya Wiley.
Speaking to Brian Lehrer on Wednesday, Stringer denied the allegations and his campaign's efforts to link the accuser to a rival campaign.
Several public officials, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, have called for a swift investigation given the impending primary, which is now seven weeks away.
Jessica Ramos, a state senator from Queens who was the first lawmaker to rescind her endorsement, argued that it would be better for progressives to coalesce quickly around another candidate.
“This isn’t me. I didn’t do this," Stringer told reporters during a press conference in Lower Manhattan.
The woman, Jean Kim, plans to read a statement on Wednesday in which she says Stringer made repeated unwanted sexual advances towards her, including kissing and groping her.
The $1 million television ad purchase comes on the heels of several key union endorsements for Stringer.
Should Stringer eventually prevail in the race, his campaign, which was once seen as struggling, may look to the last two weeks as a turning point.
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