Mayor eric adams

Thousands signed a petition supporting district superintendent Philip Composto, and hundreds attended a virtual rally on Thursday.
Hailed as "historic" by the mayor, the initiative falls considerably short of the $3.1 billion the City Council asked for earlier this month
NYPD officials have cleared more than 300 encampments, but at last count just five people had been relocated into shelters.
The new spending plan could top $100 billion by the time councilmembers are done tinkering
The survey conducted by the group NYC Speaks polled 62,000 New Yorkers, including youth.
Mayor Eric Adams has vowed to clear 150 encampments across the city, but homeless advocates say, without housing, it will do little to alleviate the problem.
Advocates say that without safe and accessible housing options, Adams’s plan won’t reduce street homelessness.
Cumbo was criticized by fellow Democrats for opposing a bill that would grant noncitizens the right to vote in local elections.
Local lawmakers are putting pressure on Mayor Eric Adams to fulfill his promise to make New York City greener, despite a recent pledge from City Hall to revitalize parks around the boroughs.
A string of shootings involving homeless individuals in New York City and Washington D.C. has some worrying about where they feel safest.
The aid group that originally provided meal service after the Jan. 9th blaze has since moved on to help Ukrainian refugees in Europe
The mayor is proposing a budget that achieves savings while increasing funding to some social service programs and tax credits for the working poor.
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