Maya wiley

“While women have a seat at the table we have yet to sit at the head of it, but I know that that day is coming soon," Garcia said.
In addition to the standard lawsuit, Wiley is seeking to have election officials perform manual recounts if ranked-choice voting rounds show candidates within a margin of half a percent.
Prior to a Friday deadline, Wiley told reporters she was still "considering" whether to file a court petition to preserve her right to challenge the election results.
“There’s no one here who’s saying something so egregious that I had to come in and had to stop somebody, so I decided to put my time in ranked-voting."
A new poll out Monday from NY1 and Ipsos found Adams had surged ahead with 22% of those polled. However, the polling does not reflect the past week as it was done at the end of May.
"The stakes can't be higher," the congresswoman said. "We’ve already tried Giuliani’s New York. We’ve already tried Bloomberg’s New York."
In April, the Working Families Party endorsed three candidates: Stringer, Morales and Wiley. By Friday, they were down to just one.
Wiley is fresh off of a standout performance during the first mayoral debate last week; according to her campaign, this week she had her single biggest day of fundraising yet.
Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, the highest-ranking member of New York’s delegation, endorsed Maya Wiley for mayor on Sunday.
The plan addresses a long sought goal of teachers and education reform advocates.
The largest union representing the city’s healthcare workers, 1199SEIU, announced they are giving their endorsement — and their mighty political muscle — to Wiley's mayoral campaign.
Three New York City mayoral candidates expected to receive public matching funds from the New York City Campaign Finance Board on Tuesday. One did not.
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