May day

'We want to see health care for everyone, we want to see better education for everyone, we want better rights at work and a more humane society where everyone is treated with dignity.'
Bills are on the table in New York and New Jersey, but are facing resistance.
'Socialism is definitely on the rise. Capitalism better head for the hills.'
Nevertheless, many participants said they were glad to see increasingly diverse groups getting involved with what has historically been a workers holiday.
The rally was quickly infiltrated by Trump supporters who organized a counter-protest on social media in anticipation of the event.
Twelve protesters were arrested for peaceful civil disobedience while blocking the entrances outside of JPMorgan Chase during a May Day protest Monday morning.
Actions planned for Monday are a direct response to President Donald Trump's policies on labor and immigration, according to organizers.
We've rounded up some pre-May Day festivities, as well as the best in local rallies, benefits and anti-fascist reading groups.
This year's May Day went off with minimum friction between marchers and the police, with no arrests and only a single summons issued.
"It's been five years of inaction on the museum's part. Five years and nothing concrete has been done, except for the tarnishing of the museum's reputation."
The NYPD's Intelligence Division, whose Muslim surveillance program was recently profiled in a series of explosive AP reports, had a budget of around $63 million last year.
"I'm suing your ass!" one protester shouted shortly before he was led into the police wagon.
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