Max rose

"As we continue to count every ballot and are on track to dramatically narrow the gap by tens of thousands of votes to a 4-5 point margin, it is now clear that we will fall short of 50.1%."
2.4 million absentee ballots were mailed out statewide and 1.5 million have been returned so far.
Results for two tight local races may be weeks away.
During the debate, Malliotakis repeatedly played up her law-and-order credentials, including endorsements from police unions.
A TV ad for Malliotakis has been telling viewers that her opponent and the mayor have made NYC into an urban apocalypse.
'So while the president of the United States may be willing to violate the constitution to get reelected, I will not.'
On Friday, Rose released another statement that does not include the words "impeach" or "impeachment," but notes that he finds the events of this past week "deeply alarming."
Given how consistently Staten Island voters elected Republicans to Congress in recent years, few pundits or prognosticators believed Rose could pull off a win.
Rep. Dan Donovan being interviewed outside a ShopRite (Frank G. Runyeon
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