Max fish

New Max Fish's real test will come on a Tuesday night, when you suspect you might be losing it and need to sit down to think.
In a rare glimmer of light in an increasingly bro-sodden LES, Max Fish has announced that it will open its new Orchard Street location on August 2.
Plans to reopen the shuttered Max Fish in the former Gallery Bar space at 120 Orchard Street are solidifying nicely, with CB3's liquor licensing subcommittee having voiced their official approval early this morning.
Ulli Bar Corp (Fish's beloved owner is Ulli Rimkus ) is applying for a license at 120 Orchard Street.
The dearly departed art bar Max Fish, its recent relocation to Williamsburg heralding what many consider the Official Death of the Lower East Side, will be replaced by the chicken and waffles joint Sweet Chick.
As always, the $6 PBR + shot special ends at 10 p.m.
The LES mainstay will be moving to a new location at 130 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg.
The LES staple is heading for Brooklyn, and there's paperwork to prove it.
The legendary bar is pulling up its LES roots and heading across the river.
There is no other neighborhood in Manhattan that epitomizes the city's filth, culture, and history so beautifully. Here's how we get tipsy and glutted on the Lower East Side for $30.
Underage drinking? In the LES? NO WAY
Flickr user Vivienne Gucwa After news hit last month that beloved
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