The Matzo Project's crackers are delicious, but they are not kosher for Passover.
"Before it was a matzo factory, it was apartments. It’s basically going back to what it originally was."
The cinnamon sugar matzo is coated in brown butter toffee and white chocolate.
We've set out to bring the observing Jews of New York a dash of respite from Passover's dietary demands.
You just try to say Matzo Grilled Cheese doesn't have any flavor.
Don't worry—some of it will be chocolate-covered!
You don't even need to observe Passover to enjoy matzo pancakes stuffed with eggs, kale and ricotta.
New York City's chosen people don't mess around when it comes to the matzah!
A bakery in Crown Heights cranks out thousands of handmade matzo for Passover while Jewish giant Manischewitz uses machinery in addition to manpower.
While you were schlepping home via mass transit yesterday, a matzo ball
Photo by davidfg's flickr. On January 20th, residents of 475 Kent
Instead of asking "why is this night different from all other
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