Matthew weiner

It's the 'Love, Actually' of prestige TV anthology series, coming to Amazon Prime in October.
Here are all of the things that Matthew Weiner didn't get to address on Mad Men.
In a 90-minute talk, Matthew Weiner opens up about Mad Men, the finale, and knowing the Coke ad would end it all for years.
But maybe Pete Campbell is D.B. Cooper?
These pieces of paper from the early 1990s seems to hold some of the first thoughts Matthew Weiner had on Don Draper.
A sneak peek at the amazing Mad Men exhibit opening this weekend.
They'll all be screening in Queens this month.
Sidelong and cigarettes, mostly.
You'll be able to celebrate Mad Men at BAM, the NYPL, 92nd St Y, and... basically everywhere.
Step inside the Draper's old kitchen next month...
The many questions answered by Matthew Weiner during a press day earlier this week.
Glaser designed the new season's posters, which Weiner says are related to the show. BUT HOW?
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