Matthew von ohlen

At sentencing, the driver said, "I don't want to bad rap your son because this is bad enough. But he's come in contact with a lot of things. The toxicology report wasn't a good thing."
Juan Maldonado faces up to fifteen years in prison.
The suspect worked as a crane operator and lived with his mother, according to his attorney.
A suspect is in custody in the 90th precinct, according to the NYPD.
The NYPD recovered the vehicle that killed Matthew von Ohlen weeks ago, and many wonder why there hasn't been an arrest.
The driver is still at large.
"I think the police need to be looking for the murderer and not ticketing bicyclists."
Investigators now believe that the driver intentionally struck the cyclist in Saturday morning's hit-and-run incident in Williamsburg.
The victim has now been identified as one of the co-founders of Bikestock, which operates self-serve bike repair vending machines in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Massachusetts.
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