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Madonna Badger, whose daughters and parents died in the fire, said, "I’m going to pray and meditate and be with my kids and love them and do the very best I can."

The woman whose three daughters and parents were killed when her Stamford, CT home was destroyed in a Christmas Day fire is finally speaking out.

The grieving father said he's can't believe what happened with the devastating fire, but now he finds working on a charity in honor of his daughters "a place of tremendous healing."

Matthew Badger "filed papers in Stamford Probate Court recently, seeking to administer his daughters’ estates for a potential 'wrongful-death claim.'"

The girls' mother gave the eulogy and a program for the funeral said that Rufus Wainwright was to sing "Over the Rainbow."

The grandmother was found on a stairwell, with one of the 7-year-old twins under her, apparently trying to protect the girl from smoke and heat.