Matt damon

Episodes like this crystallize what this current iteration of SNL does and doesn't do well: they excel at silly, specific, punchy sketches, and they stumble at attempts at political commentary.
'What I've seen from the monsters on this committee makes me want to puke — and not from beer.'
How far will Matt Damon and Michael Douglas go in this new Liberace movie?
Mike Kekich, Fritz Peterson and wives One of the strangest stories
Carter's memoir of his troubled childhood After being convicted of attempted
With polls recently citing that half of the city is annoyed by
The Bourne Ultimatum (directed by Paul Greengrass) Matt Damon's super assassin with
First the Brooklyn Bridge was shut down for Will Smith's new
Comedian Dane Cook has a massive following, from his huge record sales
So, Boston native Matt Damon got married to his fiance, Miami resident
Here's a little Mayoral Race 2005 action to tie us over: Congressman
If totally terrible mid-summer weather necessitates a weekend spent indoors, might Gothamist
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