Mathieu lefevre

Leonardo Degianni, the driver who fatally struck cyclist Mathieu Lefevre with his truck before fleeing the scene, has received his official punishment: The DMV has suspended his driver's license for six months.
"My client had no idea what happened."
The Lefevres may gain a modicum of justice next week.
Despite evidence that Lefevre and his bike were dragged some 70 feet by the driver, Leonardo Degianni—who sped away without stopping—Lefevre's family and attorney have been unable to get to that bicycle.
Regina Rex will be hosting a solo exhibit of Lefevre's work through June 16.
A state Supreme court ruling pointedly criticizes the NYPD for having "needlessly delayed handing over the documents and other materials" related to their investigation into the death of cyclist Mathieu Lefevre.
The mother of slain cyclist Mathieu Lefevre appeared in court yesterday to demand that the NYPD compensate them for the legal feels accrued during their attempt to obtain information about the department's controversial investigation.
This video allegedly contradicts the NYPD's assertion that cyclist Mathieu Lefevre was at fault the night a flatbed truck driver ran him over at a Williamsburg intersection.
Court documents finally show why the NYPD's Accident Investigation Squad decided not to charge the driver of a flatbed truck who fatally ran over cyclist Mathieu Lefevre in October.
This morning the City Council grilled representatives from the NYPD on why so few drivers face criminal charges after killing or maiming pedestrians and cyclists.
Next Wednesday the City Council will hold hearings on the NYPD's handling of accident investigations, with a special focus on crashes involving cyclists and pedestrians.
The NYPD has amended their initial determination that the driver's actions exhibited "no criminality," and have given him summons for failure to signal and failure to exercise due care.
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