The victim said, "He was looking at my face, and smiling, and making sexual noises, like he was going to force me to give him a blow job or something."
The man allegedly masturbated in an elevator in front of a 60-year-old woman.
The more I investigated them, the more they made sense.
He even spots K.I.T.T. from 'Knight Rider," who is certainly the sexiest artificially intelligent electronic computer module.
Next thing you know, food carts will be selling sex toys.
A lawsuit claims Marcano made 4,646 calls to ZVRS since January 1st "for the sole purpose of masturbating in view of ZVRS’s employees."
The woman who spotted him told us that he "exposed himself and masturbated to completion on a crowded uptown A train."
This vivid Masturbation Moment went down in what appears to be some sort of utility van parked on Havemeyer and North 7th Street around 8:45 a.m. At least he wasn't driving!
Oh, the things that land in our inbox, like this video of a man rubbing one out on the M train.
Parents have managed to nix a National Book Award winner from student's summer reading list, thanks to its mention of masturbation.
He was wearing a latex surgical glove.
Apparently this guy just needed a release right then and there... and then he wiped it on himself.
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