Experts are relaxing guidelines for Americans wearing masks indoors.
"I want to pull back on all of these mandates but we want to do it in a smart way," said Mayor Eric Adams
“I'm not really in any hurry to have it lifted but I am thankful to have that option back on the table,” one parent said, while acknowledging her son will be “smiling from ear to ear every single day he does not have to wear a mask.”
The mayor’s office has urged New Yorkers to continue wearing masks in indoor and crowded spaces.
The decision takes effect Thursday.
Gov. Murphy will no longer require students, teachers or visitors to wear masks while inside school building beginning March 7th.
The New York State Department of Health found that 5% of the masks they distributed to protect teachers and librarians are potentially fake.
Bruce Blakeman is telling schools and businesses to ignore the mandate, but Gov. Kathy Hochul says he doesn't have the authority.
The city health commissioner's new advisory stops short of reinstating a full mask mandate.
NYPD Commissioner Shea said the officers would not be fired or suspended, though.
"We've seen that we can be resilient, that our kids can be resilient."
Less than half of all NYPD personnel have received the vaccine.
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