Martin luther king jr

New York City is commemorating Martin Luther King., Jr today, a day after what would have been the civil rights giant's 88th birthday.
The events are free.
Hundreds gathered to remember and honor him at the site of his assassination.
Next week's New Yorker cover features Dr. King locking arms with Eric Garner and Officer Wenjian Liu, flanked by Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.
Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1962 speech at the Park Sheraton Hotel in 1962 is being heard again for the first time in decades.
Mayor de Blasio will be making remarks at BAM's Brooklyn Tribute to MLK Jr.
We dropped by the NYPL this morning to check out what the city's papers looked like the week MLK, Jr. was assassinated, which was the major historical timestamp in last night's Mad Men episode.
Workers from 27 fast food establishments across the city will rally for a wage increase and the right to unionize without fear of reprisal.
What was Martin Luther King, Jr. really all about? Eggs benedict! Oh, wait—that's not right.
Explore the writings of Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders with this new trove of documents at the King Center.
Is it offensive to serve Southern Fried Chicken and Collard Greens to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.?
Seriously, they went there (via In case you hadn't noticed
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