Martin dilan

'They knew that we were a threat to the concentration of wealth and power in this state,' Salazar told cheering supporters Thursday night.
Embattled state Senate hopeful Julia Salazar was arrested as a teenager for allegedly impersonating the ex-wife of Met legend Keith Hernandez. Yup.
It’s no secret that Martin Dilan takes money from the real estate industry. But the scale and intensity of Dilan’s romance with landlords and their lobbyists is greater than previously reported.
'We didn't establish an abortion fund, in part because of some of the concerns of Right to Life, which was led by Julia.'
On Friday, the Department of Buildings ordered Bushwick's Clean City Laundry & Dry Cleaners to paint over the illegal park spots in front of its storefront.
27-year-old Julia Salazar is running against incumbent Martin Dilan for New York State Senate in District 18, which encompasses parts of Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Brownsville.
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