Martha stewart

Wealthy investors and Big Cannabis companies are positioning their entry into the adult-use marijuana market in New York, but will have to work hard to take over sales from the black market.
Martha and Snoop's friendship is the only good, pure thing left on this earth.
They lack the initiative to grow tomato plants on the terrace, you see.
Behold, Gingerbread Abbey.
Who would you shag: Mayor Bloomberg, Bill Gates, or Donald Trump... like IF YOU HAD TO?
Martha is single and ready to mingle. Here's her online dating profile.
Could Martha be a hipster Hugh Hefner? Does she like tattoos? The NY Times is ON IT.
A witness told the Post: “Martha was staring Rachael down as soon as she walked in with a group of friends. Martha looked disgruntled. You could definitely feel Martha’s heat in that kitchen.”
Can someone knit us a hankie and bake us some comfort lemon squares?
While preparing to leave her New York home earlier this week,
Ever curious what it would be like to get wasted with Martha
It's that time again. Time to take out the tequila, teach yourself
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