"There were people cheering from all these windows, it was so lovely and festive. It felt like a community—it suddenly felt like we were all in it together."
The pair tied the knot surrounded by about 80 friends, an accommodating driver, and a couple of very confused passengers.
You need something to look forward to between Macro midterms, after all.
Apparently, there's no better time to get married for a fourth time than on July 4th.
Forward this blog post to your mother.
She allegedly beat said fare immediately after pleading not guilty for fraud.
A Manhattan woman has been charged with fraud after marrying 10 different men over the course of 11 years, having not actually divorced several of her husbands before piling on more.
The couple made it official around 4 p.m. Friday, just as the N train crossed the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn.
Congratulations on your engagement, 300 Sandwiches Lady.
Trick question: Citi Field doesn't even offer scoreboard proposals!
The Ayalas claim they've been sold down the river by the children's grandmother.
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