A manager at Marquee nightclub is suing the bodyguard of real estate broker Dan S. Neiditch—who often makes reservations under the name "Bloomberg"—after he allegedly assaulted him.
A giant COLBERT sign has gone up today, and it's looking down upon Broadway like a comically raised eyebrow.
There's only one problem: it's missing Colbert's name (right now).
On the plus side, Angelo's Pizza will finally have a chance to take the spotlight it rightly deserves.
The marquee is being slowly dismantled.
Now that spring is (technically) here, we can eat for fun instead of for sheer survival. Here are a few good places to do that this week.
The city gave Jay-Z the permits to play the Ed Sullivan Theater marquee... and now they've taken them back.
She told the adoring crowd, "I've had ups and downs in my career—but you guys have never left me! I was out, I was uncool...but you've always been there."
Live life full, you guys. Live life full.
Court evidence reveals Mele was a sexual voyeur who took dozens of photos of unsuspecting women: “None capture the woman’s frontal face...[Mele] perceives women as an assembly of body parts and hair."
The prime suspect who has long been suspected of having killed Laura Garza has finally confessed to smothering her to death. But Garza's family aren't satisfied with the sentence given to Michael Mele.
Laura Garza Over two years ago, a 25-year-old Brooklyn woman disappeared
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