Blue Point is releasing a beer this spring marketed specifically for beleaguered commuters.
The folks over at JetBlue have decided to launch a humanitarian effort to deliver aid to the pizza-starved region.
"We're trying to explain to the cop, 'We don't want to get on the train. We just want MetroCards.'"
To be sure, not everyone is happy about this new trend of using chalkboards for sidewalk advertising.
The future of America is coming, and it wants your job. Just like every other generation before it.
You can bet your bottom dollar this is a marketing campaign.
The other 359 days of 2014 will be fine—great, even. You just need to get through today, and there's still time to show your loved ones that this is possible, so long as you buy them something.
Yay viral marketing campaigns that give us free food!
A midtown street ran clear with vodka yesterday when several large bottles were dumped out as part of a synergistic protest-publicity stunt targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin's "gay propaganda" law.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was once banned in India for its "racist portrayal of Indians and overt imperialistic tendencies." So what could go wrong with a beer inspired by it?
You know what kids these days really need? Wines marketed in a language they can understand.
France's National Bread Observatory (which possesses the only radio telescope made out of crostini) estimates that 98% of French people eat bread at least once a day.
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